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Fallout 4 is the ultimate evolution of Bethesda’s most popular intellectual property. A mind-blowingly visceral, gorgeous, and realistic depiction of a post-apocalyptic dystopian world based within Bethesda’s most prestigious RPG format.

There was never a question about how good Fallout 4 would be, however, the game still managed to exceed expectations in all shapes and forms.

The one particular thing that players cannot get over with Fallout 4 is the amount of weapon variety that it provides players.

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  1. Fallout 4 Melee Weapons Tier List
    1. 10. Big Jim
    2. 9. Atom’s Judgement Super Sledge
    3. 8. Rocket Bat
    4. 7. Shem Drowne Sword
    5. 6. Puncturing Power Fist
    6. 5. Grognak’s Axe
    7. 4. Chinese Officer’s Sword
    8. 3. Ripper
    9. 2. Shishkebab
    10. 1. Kremvh’s Tooth

There is just a gigantically massive arsenal of weapons at your disposal, from guns of all shapes and sizes, projectile launchers, RPGs, and even nuclear weapons that you use in close quarters!

Though the one thing that has been a staple in the franchise forever is always the melee weapons.

Fallout has always had such a huge collection of melee weapons in the game, and Fallout 4 has just expanded upon that formula by introducing so many different kinds of them, all being very unique, different, and exclusive for players in this world.

Fallout 4 Melee Weapons Tier List

Here are the best melee weapons in Fallout 4 ranked from worst to best.

10. Big Jim

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (1)

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The Heavy Pipe Wrench known as Big Jim is somewhat of an underrated weapon in our opinion. It’s a big weapon that packs a tremendous amount of punch. The Big Jim variant in particular is what you’re looking for, which is a weapon that you can get quite early on in the game!

It deals a decent chunk of damage to smaller enemies and can do a decent amount of stagger damage as well.

However, it lacks the finesse and damage that others do on this list, that’s why it’s lower here, yet compared to most any other mid or high-tier weapon, it will outperform!

9. Atom’s Judgement Super Sledge

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (5)

The Super Sledge hits like a truck, that is the one guarantee that you can always have with this weapon. It’s a solid weapon that will mow down hordes of enemies in one simple swing, dealing a huge amount of damage with a decent AP cost.

However, the thing that makes the Super Sledge a bit weaker is the speed at which it attacks, being quite slow and heavy.

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The workaround for this is that you can upgrade it by doing the Children of Adam faction quests, and receiving the Atom’s Judgement. The Atom’s Judgement not just deals radiation damage, but also deals additional damage to raiders.

It’s a slow but heavy-hitting weapon that can turn any of your opponents into mulch.

8. Rocket Bat

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (6)

Starting off this list is the soft-hitting yet armor-puncturing demon, the Rocket Bat.

This is a variant of the simple bat which you can get fairly early on in the game. The Nuka-World DLC however, brought in the option for players to convert their baseball bat into the Rocket Bat that can shred through armor with its added spikes.

This is the best weapon when going up against heavily armored mercs, it doesn’t just destroy armor pieces off of enemies, but also stagger them in the process. This just gives players more room to riddle their foes with an immeasurable number of bullets to epic own them!

7. Shem Drowne Sword

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (7)

The Shem Drowne Sword is a quest-specific item that you will only find during the Gilded Grasshopper quest. You will find this sword within Shem Drowne’s grave.

Now, the sword doesn’t deal a massive amount of base damage, which is only 16 with this weapon.However, it deals 5 radiation damage upon each hit, which makes it a prized possession to have.

Though it does lack in the overall damage department, if it’s a non-human enemy or an enemy with a lot of armor, you will be in a bit of a pickle if you’re relying solely on this weapon.

6. Puncturing Power Fist

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (8)

Now we talk about the unarmed melee weapons, not only that but the best one in that category! The Puncturing Power Fist can cause such huge splashes of damage to your opponents while still being fast, and having a low AP Cost.

It can deal a massive amount of damage to heavy armor, low armor and can also cause a lot of staggers.

The only reason why this weapon isn’t much higher up on this list is due to it not being as great as some of the others here. Otherwise, it could have broken through the barrier as one of the best weapons in the game by far!

5. Grognak’s Axe

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (9)

This is the one and only ax in Fallout 4, and if we’re being honest, this axe has a style and power unlike anything else! While we know this is a medium-speed weapon, it still has a solid amount of damage however not as much compared to the Chinese Officer Sword.

It can deal infinite amount of stagger, and can also chop body parts off of potential enemies.

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This is the ultimate crowd control melee weapon. You can just stand in the middle of 20 goons and one swing of your axe will deal tremendous damage and also cause them to stagger around for a solid while!

4. Chinese Officer’s Sword

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (10)

The Chinese Officer’s Sword is the best medium-speed weapon in the game, by a LONG shot. The weapon doesn’t just have amazing base damage to start off with, but it also can be upgraded quite easily with just the serrated edge to add bleeding damage to it as well!

This will make it a deadlier weapon when going against enemies such as Raiders, and lightly armored enemies in particular.

Not to mention, you can further increase its capability by finding an electric mod that will add electricity attacks to the fold. This will increase an extra layer of energy damage that will hurt enemies even if they’re decently armored!

3. Ripper

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (11)

The Ripper is basically a very handy chainsaw, which can rip through anything that you set it on. The weapon is one of a kind, it looks completely different from anything else in the game at all, while also being one of the most prominently powerful weapons in the game.

This is a weapon that after upgrading can become a one-hit kill for mostly any enemy type within the game, no questions asked!

It has a fairly low DPS, but its extremely fast attack speed makes up for it and provides multiple hits at once. Once you upgrade the weapon to an Extended Ripper, the weapon will even cause tremendous amounts of bleeding damage and increase the DPS as well!

2. Shishkebab

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (12)

The Shishkebab is by far the prettiest sword in the game and the most powerful as well.

This weapon feels faster than other medium-speed weapons, it hits harder than any other sword and it has an aesthetic design that lets off steam and turns the weapon into a glowing red saber when using it to attack!

The best thing about this weapon is how many types of damage it deals with enemies. It has a base damage of 13, but it can also stack that up with bleeding damage and also energy damage from its burning attacks!

1. Kremvh’s Tooth

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapons Ranked (2023) | GamesBustop (13)

On the number one spot, without question is the Kremvh’s Tooth. This powerful, zig-zag-shaped blade is an absolute destroyer in the world of Fallout 4.

It can chop through any enemy, any enemy type, and even most robots with literal ease. Thanks to its insanely high amount of base damage, landing at 270+, the Kremvh’s Tooth can dismantle entire hordes of enemies with one swing.

Now, the base damage is very high but what makes it more powerful is the poison damage that stacks on top of each hit. Not to mention, upon modding, you can also enable bleeding damage with this weapon, as well as a huge damage boost.

This is a melee weapon that can quite literally one-hit kill enemies.

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